The objective of ENGAGE is to establish collaboration between the public health, food and veterinary sectors across the European Union (EU) for building and enhancing the use of real-time whole genome sequencing (WGS) and analysis in food safety and public health protection.

We will exploit established collaborations to boost scientific cooperation among the leading food, veterinary and public health institutes across Europe. The project will implement joint “proof of concept” WGS projects to investigate 1) bacteria evolution and genetic diversity driven by genetic exchange, selection, and clonal expansion; 2) epidemiological relationships between the target microorganisms; 3) identification of biologically successful microbial clones; and 4) microbial determinants of virulence, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and other putative markers in various emerging ‘epidemic’ strains of MDR E. coli and Salmonella having a strong impact in Europe.



21 MAY 2022