Scientific Contributions

ENGAGE Scientific Contributions include scientific publications, posters or conference presentations.

Journal of Antimicroial Chemotherapy, VIM-1 producing Salmonella Infantis isolated from swine and minced pork meat in Germany, Maria Borowiak, Istvan Szabo, Beatrice Baumann, Ernst Junker, Jens A. Hammerl, Annemarie Kaesbohrer, Burkhard Malorny, Jennie Fischer, abstract

ECCMID, April 2017, Phylogeny of Salmonella Paratyphi B variant Java harbouring mcr-1, Maria Borowiak, BfR, presentation

ECCMID, April 2017, Whole genome sequencing analysis of multidrug-resistant Salmonella Infantis isolates circulating in the German food-production chain, Jennie Fischer, Maria Borowiak, Beatrice Baumann, Istvan Szabo, Burkhard Malorny, BfR, poster
1 JULY 2022